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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Introduction is South Africa’s biggest independent, free-to-air television channel.
With over 16 million viewers, appeals to all races, ages and income groups and is the most viewed English language channel in the country.
We are the destination of choice for local and international entertainment, a place where viewers can come together to set their imaginations free.


Broadcasting / Transmitting,Media


    • The incumbent would be responsible for all aspects of the daily transmission across all channels.
    • Reporting to the Team Leader: Final Control Centre. The key performance areas include:
    • 1.Playlist Administration and Checks
    • Ensuring that all aspects of the playlist are double checked prior to transmission.
    • Appending/cleaning and checking the accuracy of the playlist against the printed schedule including all primary and secondary events.
    • Correcting schedule discrepancies in communication with Presentations.
    • Inserting new events in the playlist based on schedule and commercials requirements.
    • Inserting secondary events in the automation system.
    • Ensuring that all scheduled media events are available for playout, and if not, to alert the FCC Senior to communicate this information with urgency to the Missing Media DL group.
    • Ensuring that all events within live timeslots are double checked and corrected before the live event commences.
    • Assuming responsibility for all aspects of the daily transmission.
    • Monitoring video and audio quality of all content for transmission to ensure the best outcome.
    • Controlling the playlist manually during live events and in case of faults with the automation system.
    • Monitoring the health of the automation system and the continuous communication with the housekeeper server.
    • Reporting issues to the Senior Controller in order to escalate to Engineering.
    • Operating the automation system and transmission equipment in the correct manner.
    • 3.Communication and Reporting
    • Reporting all discrepancies to the Senior Controller to resolve, and if necessary escalate to the relevant departments. If there is no Senior Controller on duty, raise urgent issues directly.
    • Recording the times of all technical problems, and report to the Senior Controller, as soon as possible, to escalate to the Engineering department.
    • Reporting all issues affecting the broadcast and transmission equipment in the FCC Report.
    • Ensuring FCC Reports are: correctly dated; to list the time of incidents, the title of the affected events, the media or logo ID’s, as well as the time that transmission returned to normal.
    • Communicating clearly with production teams to coordinate transmission during live events.
    • Ensuring that your mailbox is not full.
    • Ensuring all e-mails are checked throughout the shift on a regular basis until the shift ends for any updates to the schedule. (commercial, programme or promo changes)
    • Familiarising yourself with the Schedule Hand-over Report for every schedule. This will be provided daily by the Presentations Department.
    • Checking that the Front Page lists standby material for every live event, and that the duty Transmission Controller has inserted it on a standby playlist to ensure that it is available on the server when needed.
    • Cross checking the and the eNCA playlists against the printed schedule for the following day’s transmission, from start to finish, to verify the following:
    • Media ID’s and segmentation running order for all media.
    • Media SOM, Duration and EOM.
    • Commercial media ID’s match the printed log, and flighting code durations match the media durations.
    • Promo media ID’s and media titles match the printed log.
    • Age restrictions scheduled are correct according to the daily internal report.
    • Tonight combos are not scheduled after the time listed in the title description.
    • Placement of sponsorship stings are correct – specifically the opening and closing stings.
    • Check for programmes downloaded with estimated/standard durations and ensure that these are replaced on the printed log and playlist with actual durations before broadcast for all channels. If the media timings are not included on the Schedule Hand-over Report, then they will be emailed by Media Operations.
    • Action manual changes made on the printed log, in the playlist, with the Senior Transmission Controller.
    • Double check that break durations, match the break duration schedules for all live events that these are provided for, across channels.
    • Checking all other channels for outstanding material.


A relevant school leaving certificate
A minimum of 1 year’s experience in monitoring the video and audio aspects of media

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