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Isando, Gauteng, South Africa



The Beverage Company is a large manufacturing company in the Carbonated Soft Drinks industry. The Group has a national footprint and focuses on quality products for the alternative beverage market.


Job Functions




Fmcg (Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector),Food & Beverages



    • The role of the Shift Process Artisan is to ensure compliance with all legal statutory requirement within the Engineering Department (Production line and Utilities), effective actioning of all engineering breakdowns and maintenance/repair. Compliance with safety standards and guidelines and drive a safety culture and ensure safety in the workplace.
    • Responsible for line walkabouts on shift, monitoring down time and checking PIMS and POMS at each machine. Taking corrective measures for any out of controls
    • First line attendance and responsibility for all breakdowns on his line relating to his trade. He must present throughout the breakdown until it is solved
    • Shift PA to cover for oncoming PA if not at work until such time as the TL makes alternative arrangements (shift PA’s must have own transport)
    • Audits on area of responsibility for your line and report this on Friday mornings in the Level 2 morning meetings
    • Attending morning shift MDT meetings and reporting on handovers and problems areas, i.e. attend the technical morning meetings (downtime – reconciliation meeting) with their respective lines and also give feedback on PIMS and POMS findings for the previous 24 hours. Include discussion on wear related issues through audits
    • Reporting on PIMS and POMS to the MDT morning meetings and communication books
    • Assisting other lines with breakdowns relating to his trade if requested.
    • Assisting with relief on the lines – operators lunch relief and TL annual / sick leave
    • Take the “A” for change over’s on the lines
    • Assisting Shift Supervisors with line logistics
    • Assist and aid standby personnel on callouts
    • Investigation and reporting of 1st level problem solving on all breakdowns and failures. Problem elevation and assistance must only take place once level one problem solving has been attempted
    • Completing and EWO / Notifications “ZBD’s” for each breakdown related stoppage in SHOPWARE. Two minute triggers must be adhered to and each incident must be complete meeting all quality requirements and feedback (trigger for EWO = Two minutes, complete all fields on the EWO card and document as much information as you can to enable the day shift / engineering teams to investigate further and put proper loop closure in place to prevent the breakdown from re-occurring)
    • Be familiar with all the spares lists on his line and liaise with the specialists so that spares can be found after hours and in the stores. Call MC or relevant specialist if not sure
    • Completion of running and non-running schedules on shift with quality feedback
    • Assist with maintenance package reviews
    • Assist with cleaning schedule reviews
    • Do isolation and lock-out of line equipment prior to maintenance
    • Execute the assist MAS’s with PM and CM work orders according to maintenance plan
    • Execute autonomous maintenance
    • Support maintenance activities on maintenance days
    • Assist with startup and commissioning of machines after maintenance
    • Direct support to day shift crews if requested
    • On shutdowns a machine or area will be allocated to the PA and he will do the maintenance for that area for that period
    • Support the NPD agenda and form part of the project teams by unit and assist with PAT (performance acceptance criteria) for new technology
    • Assist with operator coaching on NPD introduction and new technology introduction
    • Breakdowns – EWO’s raised, even if there is no downtime to the filler or by creating notifications for out of control processes on line
    • Strong Technical Problem – Solving ability.
    • Ability to work under pressure.
    • Good verbal and communication skills.
    • Good self-management principles.
    • Strong orientation to results achievement.
    • Ability to adapt to and implement change effectively.
    • Strives for continuous improvement.
    • Demonstrate initiative and is a self-starter.
    • Strong leadership skills.
    • Demonstrates appropriate levels of assertiveness.
    • Good decision-making ability.
    • Excellent numerical and analytical ability.



    • Qualification and Experience required
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Millwright Trade
  • 7+ Years in Maintenance Environment
  • Good working experience on Microsoft Excel/Office.
  • Good ERP proficiency.
  • Strong knowledge of Asset care (RCM/TPM and/or other)
  • Conversant with the OHS Act.

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