Specialist Lender


Wealth and Investment

Job Purpose

Proactively promote a relationship based offering through a primary point of contact, which meets client expectations by providing personalised financial solutions in line with the Value Proposition.

To complement the Relationship Manager in providing a relationship based offering and solutions on complex lending to the sub segmented market, which meets customer expectations by ensuring that service levels are maintained. To also play an integral part in focusing on sales and not be perceived as a credit decision maker.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities


  • Accompany the Relationship Managers on more intricate lending appointments, eg, structured lending.
  • Assist the Relationship Manager to structure credit applications effectively focusing on high quality motivations.
  • To serve as an arbitrator between the credit division, Relationship Manager and the client.
  • Should be seen as a quality contributor of applications submitted to the credit division.
  • Advise customers on lending product selection by recommending products to meet their specific needs.
  • Fulfill a training/coaching role through upskilling the Relationship Managers credit knowledge.
  • Must have the ability to drill into the existing client base and mine for opportunities.
  • Focuses on restructuring existing customer lending portfolios.
  • Restructure debt for efficiencies through debt consolidation, thereby bringing a customers asset base under one roof.
  • Set up lines of credit for clients to use on an opportunistic basis.
  • Analyse new credit applications received from the Relationship Manager.
  • Liaising with the credit division to ensure prompt turnaround times ensuring accuracy and deadlines are strictly adhered to.
  • Liaise with Relationship Manager as and when required to meet customer needs.
  • Coordinate opportunities between Wealth and Investment clients and Equity & Leverage Finance.
  • assisting RMs with practical implementation of credit sanction once approved”

Legislative Compliance

  • Conduct a needs analysis to identify customer needs effectively when opening new accounts or giving product advice, in line with Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service Act licence categories.
  • Ensure proper record keeping in terms of Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act as well as the Financial Intelligence Centre Act requirements.

Preferred Qualification and Experience


  • Relevant business qualification e.g. CA(SA), Bcomm, BSc or post Graduate Diploma.


  • 5-10 years general banking experience with exposure to the various facets of Retail and Corporate Banking.
  • Approximately 3 years exposure to credit in the Retail and Corporate Banking environment.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Sound knowledge on credit matters and understanding the Wealth and Investment market and how clients in this sector operate.
  • Well informed and networked with regards to Standard bank credit.
  • Clear understanding of the value proposition and delivery strategy.
  • Basic knowledge of competitor products
  • Through knowledge of the Code of Banking Practice.

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