Shift Warehouse Controller at RCL FOODS

Job Description

RCL FOODS is a passion-led business. Do you want to be part of a growing and enthusiastic company working towards an ambition to offer more food to more people, more often?” The position will be based at the Vector Logistics Depot in Midrand. The purpose of a Shift Warehouse Controller (Talent Pool) is to control the processes of inbound, outbound and stock handling in order to maintain efficiency within the warehouse. In addition, control operational deliverables , and expectations, and coordinate progress with direct line manager.

Duties & Responsibilities

Control operational deliverables, and expectations, and coordinate progress with direct line manager. Approve and oversee the execution of all relevant warehouse documentation and ensure compliance with all audit requirements including ISO. Ensure that all products are received and stored timeously and in accordance with Group policy. Provide direction to warehouse team on a daily basis including overseeing the assignment of individual responsibilities, tasks and technical functions. Maintain team focus on the business objectives in order to drive success. Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within and between various operational teams and team members within span of control. Conduct daily checks on all facilities, storage areas and equipment within area of responsibility, ensure compliance to all mechanical, electrical, safety and hazard standards and raise any areas of non-conformances for action. Check the temperature records of probe thermometers and compile a daily report for submission to the Warehouse Controller/Manager Ensure that the warehouse is locked and secure after hours. Monitor and ensure optimum stock rotation practices are applied across area of responsibility. Carry out daily SAP warehouse checks and action any reported defaults. Ensure compliance to relevant hygiene standards. Conduct regular safety checks and ensure maintenance is conducted on all lifting and other equipment. Ensure that there are sufficient levels of consumables including pallet wrap, paper, cartridges, etc. maintaining continuous operations within the warehouse. Despatching of Fresh trucks is a priority and load within the loading times and days for trucks to reach destination on time. Stock Control Ensure stock is in the right location by completing cyclic counts on a daily basis. Ensure staff/Clerks are doing proper stock rotation when picking in the System and dispatching of Stock Control production and expiry dates on every inbound and outbound. Control damages on inbound/outbound and track trends. Identify root cause and take the necessary actions such as issuing warnings. Ensure frozen stock is kept in a frozen and/or chilled state. Ensure all Stock received from the Plant is kept away within the specified time limits. Standards/Compliance Adherence Verify the temperature for the entire warehouse by looking at the temperature worksheet. Ensure frozen stock is kept not below minus 18 and chilled not below -1. Check that staff understand and comply with the standards set by ISO 22 000 and HACCP. Ensure goods are delivered in the appropriate condition and that there is no damage or discrepancy. Certify that a new load always enters a clean and well maintained vehicle, highlighting the significance of quality. Audit Files are maintained daily prior to Shift start inclusive of weekends and holidays.

Minimum Requirements

Relevant Logistics Diploma or Degree, Valid Code EB drivers’ licence, Valid Forklift driver’s license, 2 – 3 years relevant experience in a FMCG distribution and storage environment, Computer literacy, System skills (SAP WM and IM, MS Office skills prerequisite)

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