Samancor: SHEQ Practitioner (Safety and Health)

Purpose of the job:

To conduct specific Safety and Health (S&H) and also participate in integrated Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) inspections, audits, and verification visits at all Samancor Chrome business units in order to evaluate the compliance to related processes/requirements and to report on findings and advise on methods to bring about compliance and address shortfalls.


  • Have a sound knowledge of internal, procedural and legislative S&H requirements in order to effectively influence S&H compliance on sites.
  • Utilise the Integrated Management System (IMS) with emphasis on integrated SHEQ expectations to record findings, evaluate, analyse, initiate, investigate and report on SHEQ status on sites


  • Liaise with Customers in terms of issues identified and foster a good working relationship through interactive communication and demonstration of cooperation to bring about a high level of customer satisfaction


  • Actively participate and demonstrate commitment to the requirements of the SHEQ Management Systems.
  • Conduct SHEQ (S&H and Integrated SHEQ) Inspections in sections at sites
  • Participate in KPI and ISO Internal Audits
  • Collate, analyse & report SHEQ (S&H and Integrated SHEQ) statistics
  • Identify needs and advice and assist with the implementation of SHEQ (S&H and Integrated SHEQ) Controls
  • Identify the need for and advise on SHEQ (S&H and Integrated SHEQ) Interventions
  • Audit and inspect activities of contractors on site
  • Analyse SHEQ (S&H and Integrated SHEQ) Systems to identify training needs, performance trends and identify pointers that may be addressed to facilitate the correction of behaviour, compliance and discipline issues
  • Identify SHEQ (S&H and Integrated SHEQ) Training needs and advise
  • Have in place a system whereby legislative, policy and other governance changes are received, interpreted and guide on the implementation and monitoring on compliance thereof


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Health & Safety Degree or National Diploma
  • 3 or more years relevant experience
  • Experience in the Smelting Plant environment will be advantageous.

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