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a.conduct routine inspections such as the inspection of a station facility, apron, en-route operation and base and carry out oversight or checks considered necessary at prescribed intervals;
b.assess the effectiveness of the operator’s SMS and the level of resources allocated to it;
c.conduct such inspections or oversight in accordance with an established work programme and applicable standard procedures and instructions;
d.advise the operator, in writing, of any significant deficiency, requesting a proposal for remedial action;
e.conduct follow-up on inspection reports to ensure that appropriate action has been taken in a timely manner;
f.submit reports on each inspection or investigation in the manner prescribed, and complete and process the applicable inspection forms;
g.investigate and report, as required, possible violations of the basic aviation law or related safety operating regulations and rules;
h.continuously review the operator’s pertinent documentation (e.g. operations, training and MCMs), company policies, operating instructions and information to staff and system of amendments to determine whether they are accurate and made available in a timely manner to persons requiring their use;
i.keep appropriate CAA inspectorate staff informed on all aspects of the current operation and projected developments in the company including changes in executive personnel, in assigned responsibilities and in the operator’s organization in general; and
j.conduct qualification, approval and supervisory activities with respect to personnel proposed as designated examiners by an operator
Maintenance and Acquisition of Specialist SkillsKeep abreast and remain proficient in specialist skills, human factors and new developments of technology.
Proposals and Revision of StandardsProactively research, develop and propose the specific standards to be applied in the area of operator operations.
Communications and Safety PromotionProject a satisfactory image of the SACAA to all stakeholders.

Provide industry feedback to the Authority.

Promote aviation safety by proposing improvements in operational requirements.

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