Retail Credit Risk Auditor

Retail Credit Risk Auditor(Job Number: 90235269)


We are looking to recruit an experienced Retail Credit Risk professional to join the Internal Audit team covering the following:

  • Proven Retail Credit Risk audit and SME knowledge and experience across secured and unsecured products.

  • Knowledge of developed and managed credit risk policies and strategies.

  • Exposure to acquisition strategy and scorecard validations.

  • Proven experience of accounting and regulatory policies applicable to the management of retail credit risk.

  • Knowledge and experience in the collections and recoveries activities and performance metrics.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advise Line Managers of any Policy and Procedures to be implemented.
  • Monitor the implementation of Mandates in all Business Areas as per the need for that specific area.
  • Ensure optimal positioning of Operational Risk within the business by creating awareness and understanding of operational risk among senior management.
  • Develop an in depth knowledge of the methodology, by attending training sessions and using knowledge gained during audits, use this proactively in executing audit activities.
  • Deliver assigned by the Audit Manager / Head of Audit work to a high quality and in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Assurance scorecard.
  • Assist the Audit Manager with planning and execution of Design Effectiveness and Operating Effectives Testing, uniformly applying the methodology and quality standards, focusing the work on key risks, with minimum supervision from the audit manager
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key audit contacts on each audit by attending continuous stakeholder meetings. In addition, engage closely with stakeholders during assignments and encourage open discussion and interaction with business on the risks associated in their environment
  • Engage proactively with Internal Audit colleagues Absa Internal Audit (AIA) / Absa Internal Audit (BIA) during assignments and request technical assistance where required. Technical assistance may be requested for the review of the risks and controls to be tested, audit working papers and audit report.
  • Based on knowledge of business areas, provide guidance to other auditors and peers by sharing best practice so that their work meets and sometimes exceeds quality standards.
  • Support the Audit manager in the identification of risks to be tested by participating in planning sessions.
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of Absa and the various business areas and use this knowledge to assess risks and controls through identifying, assessing and documenting risks and controls within these processes.
  • Evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of controls and document all working papers in Synergy for review by the audit manager.
  • Ensure all audit observations and planned actions are factually agreed with management as soon as they arise and increase the speed of report issuance. Provide suggestions to stakeholder management on how they can address the control issues identified.
  • Document all working papers in line with methodology requirements. The working papers must be accurate, reflective of work performed and support conclusions drawn.
  • Display professional skepticism, raising and discussing contentious observations with management and provide evidence to support all issues identified.
  • On an ongoing basis throughout the audit, discuss and agree the factual accuracy of audit observations with the Audit Manager and Head of Audit.
  • Provide feedback to the Audit Manager and audit team with progress and observations raised during the audit by communicating honestly, frequently and effectively. Build and maintain good working relationships with fellow auditors.
  • Participate fully and be supportive in all audits by providing assistance to the team where required. Be quick to learn and seek opportunities to share this knowledge with colleagues
  • Continue to update awareness of risk issues and changes across selected business units from interaction with management and provide feedback to the Audit Manager.
  • Assist in the induction of new joiners, mentoring less experienced team members.
  • Proactively take on additional tasks as requested by the Head of Audit – which may include managing Issue Assurance and production of team Management Information.
  • Perform Issue Assurance testing and documenting of the working papers in accordance with the requirements of the Methodology.
  • Improve technical knowledge through self-learning or training including mandatory Continuous Professional Education requirements.
  • Share knowledge with AIA colleagues and peers in the business.
  • Develop and enhance learning through seeking coaching, training and continual feedback
  • Coach new joiners and trainees on how to apply the methodology. In addition, to proactively share knowledge of within the team, leading a session at a team meeting.
  • Build knowledge of business and culture in business units for the Retail portfolio as assigned by the Audit Manager
  • Prepare audit observations and make sure that they are concise, factually accurate and cover all of the significant issues. The observations must be insightful, address the root causes, and have agreed actions that fully mitigate the risk.
  • Assist the Audit Manager where required, in the drafting of the audit report in line with methodology requirements and as per the requirements of the Balanced Scorecard.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with accountable management on each audit
  • Present effectively at stakeholder meetings and forums (e.g. Risk and Governance forums) to share knowledge and information including methodology, standards, changes and new developments with business stakeholders on an ongoing basis.
Essential/Basic Qualifications

  • Degree in Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Financial Engineering or any related fields; we will also consider strong candidates with a Finance qualification if it is coupled with Internal Audit experience.
  • Preferably minimum 3-5 years’ experience (as Quantitative Analyst or Risk Auditor, preferably from a Bank or Audit Firm or Consultancy).
  • Programming skills (VBA, SAS, R, Python etc.).

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