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    South Africa

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Retail & Business Banking

Job Purpose

  • To provide efficient and effective financial services to Prestige Banking customers.
  • To provide an appointment-based in-branch point of contact for all Prestige Banking customer.
  • Communicates and explains the benefits of the Customer Value Proposition to the customers to the customer to optimise customer service and value to the Bank embed and promote the sales and service model.
  • To ensure that the Prestige Banking customer’s banking needs are proactively identified and fulfilled efficiently and cost-effectively through Next Best Action( NBA).
  • To maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards.
  • To deliver on the branch component of the Prestige Banking CVP

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities


  • Plans, initiates and drives sales tactics (proactive cross selling for expansion) through NBA.
  • Acquire and onboard new customers.
  • Proactively identifies migration and conversion opportunities.
  • Ensures that targets and budgets are met.
  • Follows the on boarding process for new accounts and accounts that have been transferred in.
  • Encourages activation of these accounts and pro-actively offers clients Debt Order and salary switching.
  • Ensures the consistent use of the Next Best Action (NBA) system and fulfilment of sale on the applicable system.
  • Appointment based sales.
  • Ensures that all leads are logged correctly in the presence of the customer and ensures cross selling opportunities are identified.
  • Identifies and actions opportunities for cross- and up-sell.
  • Ensures accurate capture, updates or amendments of customer information and history notes.

Portfolio Management

  • Manages sales, customers and update marketing indicators.
  • Manage the portfolio through cross sell:
    • At onboarding – face to face for NTB
    • At Migration
    • To the existing base
  • Identifies opportunities for personal financial options to ensure that customer retention is maintained by the value-added service resulting in growth and profitability of portfolio.
  • Entrench customers by cross selling.
  • Attends to all relevant interviews pertaining to the customer’s portfolio, including requests for additional financial services e.g. Student Loan, VAF, Home Loans and SBIS.
  • Ensures that all NTB and migration customers are linked to an Account Executive (AE) number.
  • Ensures migration from the Prestige Banking portfolio into Private Banking.
  • Ensures all sales are linked to an AE number.
  • Retention:
    • Activate accounts in accordance with activation rules.
    • Offer debit order and salary switching.

Customer Service

  • Complete all compliance training within laid down timelines.
  • Promotes the use of Banking electronic channels (My updates, Cellphone, Internet).
  • Meet the current CEM score.
  • Delivers Service excellence through practising the Customer Experience Guidelines and Service One pager
  • Ensures the effective use of NBA to enhance the relationship with customer.
    • Conducts contact management by making 2 calls to the customer per year.
    • Performs 7-day welcome call to customers.
  • Performs know your customer (KYC) verification on customer request.
  • Ensure the prompt capturing of Customer1st queries. Communicate the reference number and expected Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the client.
  • Prepares account holder records and new mandates for signature.
  • Opens new account on New Delivery System (NDS) according to laid down procedures as stipulated in Group Reference Guide (GRG).
  • Loads all the relevant limits, Electronic account payments, link accounts and the market segments and portfolios.
  • Issues Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cheque and credit cards and links the ATM cards.
  • Notifies customers once accounts have been approved or declined.
  • Ensures the capturing of confirmation of employment details via the Customer 1st system when required.
  • Completes all necessary documentation during the account origination and ensures accuracy before handing them over for fulfilment.
  • Conducts all duties pertaining to the transferring of accounts to and from other branches according to laid down procedures as stipulated in the Group Reference Guide (GRG).
  • Amending of customer’s accounts according to laid down procedures as stipulated in GRG.
  • Completes arbitrations as per laid down procedures as stipulated in GRG.
  • Build awareness of self-service channels: Prestige Line, Email Unit, Smart App and Internet Banking.
  • Perform onboarding for non-branch originated sales.
  • Ensures that all new service requests (queries and complaints) are logged correctly, as either a “first contact resolution” or “non first contact resolution” as appropriate.
  • Ensures that service requests in personal work list are actioned within agreed timelines.

Credit Management

  • Interviews customers and captures applications for secured and unsecured lending products.
  • Obtains balance sheets from customers when required.
  • Provides motivation on lending applications where necessary.
  • Provides input into the referral report for actioning by the Account Analyst.
  • Has overall accountability in terms of credit issues pertaining to the portfolio.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • FAIS recognised qualification
  • 5-7 years FAIS experience and operates without supervision for intermediary services. Operates under supervision or advice. Previous sales experience within a physical, virtual or voice branch environment with good understanding of bank processes, policies and products.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Commercial Acumen
  • Credit
  • Data Analysis
  • Advice

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