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Service delivery
•Support the Outreach Team Leader to deliver low-cost comprehensive FP and SRH services at roving outreach locations.
•Comply with minimum healthcare standards, Global Goods, policies and donor requirements and take immediate action on any areas identified for improvement.
•Working closely with the Quality Assurance team, support changes in clinical practice and the delivery of clinical services.
•Provide a comprehensive range of FP services with emphasis on implants, IUCD and permanent FP methods.
•Work closely with EPI team and administer vaccines when necessary.
•Provide general medical consultations and treatment. Administer drugs prescribed to clients.
•Promote the concept of family planning through health education.
•Support MSSL in achieving its various targets.
•Cleaning and sterilisation of instruments. Dilution of lotion for instrument processing.
•Assist in the provision of Tubal Ligation services.
•Ensure pain management and vocal local as per MSSL protocols.
•Work with the outreach team and ensure that standards and objectives are met at all times. This includes wait times, quality of care, ongoing training etc.
•Represent and promote MSSL to members of the public. Deliver a high standard of service to the community
•Motivate the community through educational and promotional means to accept MSSL services.
•Monitor MSSL image in the community and impress upon outreach team the importance of public relations.
•Ensure adherence to current Health and Safety legislation in accordance with MSI and MSSL processes and procedures.
•Act as a translator for local lanugages when necessary.

Clinical excellence and client care
•Ensure that clients remain at the centre of everything we do and that clients are always properly counselled on their rights, treatment methods and choices, with appropriate referral whenever suitable and necessary.
•Ensure high quality service standards are maintained and a high level of client satisfaction is achieved at all times.
•Adhere to MSSL clinical protocols and guidelines.
•All service providers to ensure that they strictly adhere to MSI clinical policies and guidelines
•Promote a culture of learning by actively participating in continuous supportive supervision and training.
•Ensure monthly completion and dissemination of clinical record audit.
•Assist in the expansion of the MSSL services into designated areas.
•Ensure adequate infection prevention and control measures in the work place.
•Ensure adequate pain management for clients.
•Ensure adequate follow-up services in line with clinical guidelines.
•Treat every client with care and empathy. Ensure a non-judgemental approach to client management

•Uphold reputation of MSSL through good conduct and interaction with the community and other stakeholders.

•Deliver a high quality services to the community.
•Inform and educate the community, through educational and promotional materials to accept MSSL services.
•Ensure an excellent working relationship with communities.
•Support in the expansion of the MSSL service mix.
•Promote a demedicalised environment that is attractive and comfortable to clients.
•Ensure that all audit recommendations are strictly enforced and evidence is provided to support changes in process and procedure.
•Collaborate and participate in the development of communication and promotional plans and activities with the Marketing team.
•Participate and assist in sensitisation and demand generation activities.
•Motivate the community, through educational and promotional means, to accept MSSL services.
•Utilise findings from community level data to inform health promotion interventions.

Recording and reporting
•Support Outreach Team Leader to prepare and submit monthly reports and financial details.
•Ensure that CLIC is used record all client visits.
•Actively participate in preparing relevant narrative reports.
•Maintain stock and bin cards and inform line manager of low stock level or shortages of supplies.
•Assist in maintaining equipment. Protect and maintain MSSL properties/equipment.
•Follow strict, consistent and documented procedures relating to clients, confidentiality, data protection, working hours, income and expenditure, the management of stock, equipment and assets.
•Ensure compliance to MSI and MSSL set standards and procedures/policies.
•Ensure proper accountability of the MSSL’s finances.
•Maintain accurate records of client receipts on a daily basis and make cash payments into the designated MSSL bank account.
•Maintain records of FP methods and other services provided on a daily basis.
•Maintain records of client needs with a view to improving and extending service delivery. Conduct client exit interviews.
•Maintain MoHS regulations and MSI minimum standards regarding drugs recording and storage.
•Immediately report any breach (or suspected breach) of MSSL policy to the appropriate manager.
•All other duties as reasonably requested by management.

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