Mayfly: Food Safety and EHS Officer

Minimum requirements for the role:

  • Tertiary qualification in agriculture, food technology or consumer science
  • At least 2 years’ food safety experience is essential
  • Experience within an ISO systems and manufacturing environment will be advantageous
  • Must have excellent communication, interpersonal and organisational skills

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • Conducting internal GMP, HACCP, PRP and ISO 22 000 audits
  • Accompanying external FSA, ISO 22 000 and HACCP audits
  • Implementing the HACCP system, ISO 22000 system and supplier quality assurance
  • Maintaining HACCP accreditation, ISO 22000 accreditation, and the quality and safety of the products
  • Providing training in food safety, PRP assessment and evaluation, food microbiology, quality checks and raw materials receiving
  • Conducting traceability and recall exercises and ensuring that products are traceable
  • Attending and chairing food safety meetings to communicate improvements, new systems, results of internal audits and changes in documents
  • Monitoring non-conformance corrective actions and ensuring that they are closed off at the required period
  • Controlling food safety documents, maintenance documents, supplier quality assurance documents and quality assurance records
  • Liaising with suppliers on their ISO 22000 requirements
  • Handling customer complaints and investigating the cause of the complaint and implementing ways to prevent re-occurrences
  • Liaising with cleaning companies, pest control companies and suppliers on ISO 22000 requirements
  • Maintaining quality and safety in all raw materials and finished products
  • Conducting management reviews

Salary package is highly negotiable depending on experience.

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