Lift Mechanic Apprenticeship

United Elevators has become a major player in the South African lifting industry.  We provide a wide range products ranging from new elevators, escalators to modernisations of existing elevators as well as repairs and maintenance of existing elevators.

We have built a reputation in providing reliable products and services in the elevator industry.

United Elevators s a company that values its staff.  Our success has been built on technological innovation and our ability to train our staff, as a company we endure the need to build on skills development.

In order to become an apprentice “Lift Mechanic” you will need a grade 12 certificate with:

(Grade 12) Maths

(Grade 12) Science

(N3) Maths

(N3) Science


Please note if you don’t have these subjects do not apply!


Preference will be give to technical applicants.


In the message block give us a brief description of as to why we should consider you.


Should you be successful we will contact you.

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