• Full Time
  • Cape Town, South Africa


    • Ensure the stability and availability of the company SAS servers by doing application maintenance, administration and end to end configuration of integration technology. Manage and report on system resources to ensure pro-active action that prevents capacity and performance related issues. Manage overall system upgrades and patches to stay up to date with technological advancement and new application features. Responsible for threat management by applying security vulnerability patches and fixes. Provide technical support to developers to enable a productive development environment, solve technical issues and propose solutions.


      Principal Accountabilities:

      Key outputs / accountabilities
      How do you measure whether the incumbent is successful in delivering on this accountability?

      Reporting and Administration
      Ensure user access and roles are managed with SLAs and enable management of audited functions via reports produced to manage role access and privileges

      Quality, Compliance and Accreditation
      Ensure that Oracle license agreements are honoured and managed pro-actively – Ensure SLAs are met for Security  and Vulnerability Management – including decision making and solution formulation

      Analyses of end-to-end configuration
      Production system integration technology is available, stable and handles peak loads within acceptable processing times

      System stability and availability
      Manage daily health checks and real time monitoring of production systems and environments to ensure system availability and performance pro-actively – Manage and resolve critical technical production issues


      Essential hardware/software knowledge:

      • Experience in using tools: PPO, SharePoint, JIRA, Confluence
      • Familiar with the AGILE framework
      • Agile formal training essential & must have worked within an Agile environment, and also must have used the Agile methodology and tools.



      Operating environment 

      Describe the context/ environment in which this role operates.
      Work in a high pressure environment taking care of critical systems that directly influences clients and brokers and impacts on the company ability to resolve claims. Issues need to be resolved immediately 24/7 and after hour work is required regularly for maintenance and implementation management

      Framework & Boundaries 

      List the policies, procedures and regulatory frameworks that govern this role’s freedom to act.
      Works within the governance of the Change Approval Board with regards to system maintenance and downtime and needs to ensure that all staff in the department complies with procedures. Responsible for ensuring communication when unplanned downtime is required outside of SLA due to production incidents.


      Relationships to be managed by the role:

      Relationships to be managed by the role
      Nature of contact (provide a service to, obtain/give information, consultation, networking, approval, etc.)

      List main internal and external stakeholders that this position will have contact with.
      Security Officer 

      Change Manager

      Software Providers (SAS)

      Team Lead
      Collaborate to implement security issue resolutions and manage threats prevention within domain 

      Collaborate to ensure that technical changes are managed with Change mandates and that system availability SLA are maintained

      Maintain relationships with SAS to leverage when assistance required to resolve issues and fast track call logged

      Agree Priorities and escalate issues


      Knowledge and Experience:

      Formal qualification required
      IT Diploma or Degree (BSc Computer Science, B-Tech Degree, etc.)

      Extent (years) and nature of experience required
      Good knowledge of Linux and operating systems. 

      Good Java skills will be advantageous.

      Ideally aimed at a person with at least 1-2 year experience.


      Role challenges:

      Describe the 3 most challenging or complex aspects of this role

      • Providing support for software and hardware issues in the SAS environment
      • Maintaining and building relationships with multiple internal and external stakeholders to enable high-levels of support on a 24/7 basis
      • Assisting with support to a diverse development team with a wide range of technical requirements


      Skills required:

      What capabilities and expertise are needed to fulfil the requirements of this role? (e.g. Excel, underwriting, general ledger, Guidewire etc.) 

      • Ability to partake in solving technical problems in the technology stack
      • Ability to engage with SAS technical support to resolve application issues
      • Assist in ensuring overall system stability and availability
      • Ability to manage SLA and implement governance principles in domain


      Competencies required:

      What behavioural attributes must the incumbent have to be seen as competent in this role? (e.g. resilience, attention to detail, analytical orientation etc.)

      • Collaborates
      • Client focus
      • Drives results
      • Flexibility and adaptability
      • Cultivates Innovation
      • Problem Solver
      • Attention to detail
      • Resilience
      • Diagnostic thinking
      • Relationship builder
      • Systems thinking
      • Analytical ability


      What to expect of the job evaluation process?

      • Job evaluation is appropriate as a way to measure the relative complexity of a role, where the role is new, or where the role has changed significantly since it was last evaluated.
      • Evaluations are performed by an internal evaluation panel that meets monthly, usually on the 15th (or last work day before). Panel members have been trained and certified by Hay Korn Ferry South Africa.
      • A role profile is completed by the line manager to which the role reports, and submitted to Total Rewards via the HRBP. HRBP to ensure that this form is fully completed.
      • Role profiles must reach Total Rewards one week prior to the panel meeting date.
      • The panel utilises the Hay Guide Chart method of job evaluation, under oversight by Hay Korn Ferry South Africa.
      • Once the role has been evaluated, the outcome will be communicated to the HRBP, who will provide the line manager with feedback.
      • The line manager has to be available to discuss the role on the day when the evaluation is don

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