Safety, Health and Environment Officer

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  • Description

  • Safety, health and environmental officer needed

    Minimum requirements for the role:

    Must have a relevant qualification or certification in safety/environment/risk management
    Previous experience in the implementation of Safety and Environmental standards is essential
    Must have knowledge of environmental and safety regulations and standards in South Africa
    Previous experience with safety and environmental tools and methods, such as risk analysis, analysis of causes and problem solving methods, will be required
    ISO Auditor experience will be an advantage
    Knowledge and experience dealing with COID for reporting and annual assessments are required
    Communication skills (both written and oral) and the capacity to convince, motivate, train and mentor people are mandatory
    The successful candidate will be responsible for:

    Advising the management team on the main safety, environmental and security objectives to focus on.
    Formulating, communicating and monitoring the execution of safety, environmental and security rules and standards.
    Performing regulatory watch on safety, environmental and security aspects and update the rules and standards accordingly to ensure the company is compliant with the local laws.
    Ensuring that an up-to-date legal register is available per site and all necessary legal appointments are done.
    Training all teams and stakeholders on the safety, environmental and security standards to be implemented.
    Guiding and mentoring various teams to implement safety, environmental and security actions within each department, including writing documents, communication and team mentoring.
    Ensuring the continuous improvement of safety, environmental and security rules and standards are in place by analysing the data recorded during the year and auditing the processes.
    Recording and analysing each accident/incident and near misses to fulfil the requirements of the company and the South African law.
    Driving, formulating, implementing, communicating, monitoring and continuously improving the safety, environmental and security rules and standards throughout all company processes and departments and in collaboration with the management team.
    Drive the management team to define the organisation and strategy to be put in place to improve the current systems.
    Planning improvement actions in an action program, in collaboration with the managers of each department to achieve the objectives set.
    Ensuring compliance of staff, processes and facilities to the defined rules and standards as well as South African laws.
    Proposing practical improvements on the design of workstations, the choice of equipment and means.
    Collecting and analysing internal proposals as well as other companies” best practices and employee alerts.
    Triggering communication and working groups to resolve safety, environmental and security issues and risks.
    Proposing training, animation and sensitisation campaigns, such as simulation of emergency situations, fire extinguisher training and weekly safety talks, so ensure each employee understands the risks he/she and the company is exposed to.
    Supporting the management team to define the budget necessary to perform the defined actions to reduce the safety, environmental and security risks of each department.
    Training all 16.2 appointed officers on each site and staff on the road, to become the main actors on site for the safety, environment and security law.
    Working closely with the HR assistant to ensure that all the safety aspects are taken into account in the HR process (job description, record and reporting of incidents, COID reporting and annual declarations and assist with EE plan and committee).
    Creating, updating, managing and controlling safety, environmental and security documents, records, safety instructions and good practices defined within the company.
    Managing the safety, environmental and security completed records for the season.
    Coordinating special action programmes such as risk management plans to deal with Covid-19.
    Reporting to top management on the effectiveness, suitability and improvement possibilities of the safety, environmental and/or security rules and standards during the annual management review meeting based on the data measured and analysed for the year.
    Conducting yearly diagnostics on all company sites regarding occupational health and safety, environmental and security risk assessments and regulatory diagnosis related to the applicable regulations.
    Managing, following up on, recording and analysing each accident, incident and near misses to fulfil the requirements of the company and the South African law and implementing corrective/preventive actions.
    Performing internal and external safety, environmental and security audits and ensuring the implementation of the actions to resolve the related non-conformities.

  • Number of vacancies: 50
  • Requirements

  • Minumun level of education: Grade 12 /N4 (Matric)
  • Years of experience: 1
  • Availability for travel: No
  • Availability for change of residence: No

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