Principal Scientist

  • Full Time
  • Randburg, Gauteng , South Africa


Principal Scientist
Advanced Materials Division

Mintek is seeking a highly skilled, detail-oriented Scientist to join the Antibody and Antigen Production Platform. This entails working with protein expression, purification, and assays to develop antibodies and antigens for diagnostic purposes. Using her/his skill set, the candidate will work with the team to manage, optimize, and run expression, purification, and assay experiments on multiple systems for validation.


  • Expression, purification, and characterization of antibodies and antigens
  • Assist in identifying, developing, and validating a variety of biological assays used to support the development of tool antibodies and antigens
  • Assist in the optimization of high throughput expression, purification, and assays automation systems used to support the development of therapeutic and tool antibodies
  • Characterize assays for their throughput, strengths and weaknesses and suggest improvements or alternatives to drive innovation and continual improvements
  • Work with the process owners to run day-to-day assays and to identify areas of improvement
  • Analyse and track data over time to identify systematic errors and drift
  • Strong knowledge of present and next generation antibody discovery, small scale expression, purification, and screening
  • Experience using automation systems and liquid handlers
  • Demonstrated experience with techniques used to measure antibody-antigen interaction (ie. ELISA, HTRF, AlphaScreen)
  • Knowledge of cell based assays is a plus
  • Demonstrated independence in experimental design, execution, data analysis, and troubleshooting


  • PhD degree with 5 years relevant experience in Biochemistry, Molecular or Cell Biology, Immunology or related field
  • Leadership skills and experience of managing researchers are essential
  • Must be computer literate


  • Effective communication of work, plans, and progress using written and verbal communication
  • Ability to efficiently manage and prioritize multiple projects and coordinate material exchanges with end users
  • Attention to detail with excellent organizational skills and accurate record keeping
  • Passion for planning and conducting new and innovative projects is essential.

CLOSING DATE:  08 September 2020                                     SALARY: Negotiable                              

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Mintek is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, whose aim is to promote representivity in all levels of occupational categories.