• Full Time
  • Johannesburg, South Africa , South Africa


Currently we are searching for a Payroll supervisor for Johannesburg, South Africa.

Responsibilities of this Post:

  1. Collect and verify timekeeping information for all employees
  2. Manage compensation packages using payroll software.
  3. Calculate pay according to hours worked incorporating leaves and overtime.
  4. Manage and calculate taxes and deductions
  5. Calculate bonuses and commissions when appropriate.
  6. Initiate periodical payments timely either by preparing and administering checks or making direct deposits through a bank payment system.
  7. Update paper and electronic payroll records by entering adjustments on pay rates, employee status changes etc.
  8. Issues statements and invoices and maintain records.
  9. Calculate unemployment and severance payments.
  10. Deal with complaints and questions regarding payroll from employees and upper management.
  11. Prepare and submit reports with payroll information to supervisor.
  12. Investigate and resolve any discrepancies in payroll.

Requirements of this Post:

  1. BSc/BA in accounting/business administration.
  2. Proven experience as payroll clerk or payroll supervisor.
  3. Experience in data collection, entry and reporting with great attention to detail and confidentiality.
  4. Exquisite math and numerical skills.
  5. Outstanding organizational and time management skills.
  6. Solid knowledge of relevant legislation, policies and regulations.

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