Head, Group Benefits Design Jobs


Johannesburg – One of the big banks in the country is looking for a Head, Group Benefits Design to drive the development of innovative, effective and economically feasible employee benefits programs for the Group through the use of internal employee data, global best practice and macro and micro economic trends to contribute to the provision of a compelling employee value proposition, to drive employee engagement


Postgraduate degree in Behavioural science is required for this role
More than 10 years – Extensive experience in developing benefits and rewards programs with a particular focus on behavioural science in the workplace


Analyse vast data sources using various statistical analysis tools relating to the behaviour and profiles of employees and use these insights to inform the Benefits program for the organisation.
Financial Management

Determine the short and long-term financial implications, of benefits decisions for both the organisation and the employees, with the support of actuarial and other specialists to ensure that all parties get the best value for any investments made.

Design innovative, data-backed Employee Benefit programs and initiatives which are aligned to the Group Benefits Strategy and that will meet the needs of employees to drive the engagement and motivation of employees.
Conduct an in-depth research studies into the motives of employees and use the insights gained to inform benefits programs that will drive the behaviours necessary for the success of the organisation.
Research global trends in employee engagement and benefit programs, benchmark programs, and where appropriate, introduce the global best practice to the position as an employer of choice.
Conduct research on the global and local economic climates and articulate the impact thereof on the Employee Benefits programs in order to drive the development of resilient plans that will continuously benefit the employees.
Build the frameworks and toolkits that Human Capital teams can localize to adapt benefits programs and initiatives to their individual functional or geographical areas to ensure that nuances are considered and that the most appropriate programs are implemented
Drive the socialization of the new and innovative benefits and initiatives both internally and externally to further promote an employer of choice to attract and retain top talent.
Risk, Regulatory, Prudential & Compliance

Review the regulatory frameworks within the jurisdictions that operate and identify the similarities and differences in legislation to ensure that Benefits policies and practices are compliant across all jurisdictions.
Participate in external governing bodies, giving expert input and commentary to influence future regulatory changes.

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