Governance, Risk and Compliance Specialist



An organisation within the healthcare industry is in search of a Governance Risk and Compliance Specialist who will be implementing and performing ongoing maintenance of the governance, risk management, and compliance frameworks by leveraging people, processes and technology transformation opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Maintain the risk management framework (framework encompass the overall risk framework (policy, manual, relevant templates etc.) and related processes).
  • Support with the coordination, facilitation and monitoring of risk within the Scheme.
  • Assist in preparing the quarterly Risk Report to the Audit and Risk Committee (“ARC”).
  • Assist with the implementation of the combined assurance framework for the Scheme (including dashboard and quarterly reporting).
  • Conduct risk awareness and training to staff as and when required.
  • Implement and maintain the compliance framework (framework encompass the overall compliance framework (policy, manual, relevant templates etc.) and related processes) in order to identify, assess, monitor and report all material compliance risks.
  • Guide business on compliance matters to enable them to implement policies and procedures that are compliant with legislation.
  • Draft the quarterly Compliance Report to ARC.
  • Facilitate / encourage debate with regards to regulatory compliance risk issues at relevant business meetings.
  • Work with the General Manager: GRC to ensure  awareness of all relevant and emerging regulatory compliance risks.
  • Assess whether all relevant controls, policies and procedures are embedded, and monitored as operating effectively and that actions are in place to address emerging risks and incidents.
  • Conduct compliance reviews in line with the “Risk and Compliance Coverage Plan”.
  • Assist in collaborating with service providers, Internal Audit and External Audit to oversee control systems that prevent / detect violations of policies and regulations.
  • Monitor that all contracts are scanned and loaded onto the documentation management system, updated annually or as per addenda, and that original contracts are adequately safeguarded in a centralised location.
  • Monitor that policies are scanned onto the documentation management system and reviewed and revised in accordance with the policy register and retained in a centralised location.
  • Provide support with the execution of relevant governance processes and procedures as and when required.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) Degree.
  • Relevant Certification(s) e.g. CIA.
  • Relevant experience and working knowledge of Governance, Risk and Compliance / Internal Audit 4-5 years.
  • Experience in the financial services  industry 3-4 years.
  • Experience in the medical schemes industry 3 – 4 years.
  • Considerable knowledge of and skill in applying internal auditing principles and practices.
  • Considerable knowledge of policies, procedures, regulations and legislation.
  • Considerable knowledge of information technology terminology, concepts and practices.
  • Considerable skill in conducting quality control and compliance related reviews.
  • Skill in planning and project management, and in maintaining composure under pressure while meeting multiple deadlines.
  • Skill in resolving problems.
  • Effective verbal and written communication, including interpersonal and active listening skills and skill in presenting findings and recommendations.
  • MS Office Suite – Computer literacy.