Future Professional: Attorney

Future Professional


Essentially what our Client is looking for is an independent contractor attorney who will be able to bring in their own clients.




Duties & Responsibilities

You will join the Client as a private contractor with the title Associate Partner. You will have access to the Client’s office (an office, desks, chairs, boardrooms, internet, and email are provided). You will be added to the website, various marketing events will be hosted, and you will get exposure through the Client’s google adwords and facebook adverts. The Client also provides a receptionist, shared article clerk/s, drivers/messengers, stationery and associate attorneys that you can use to build a practice under the Client’s umbrella.

Desired Experience & Qualification

The Client requires go-getters who will source their own work and have their own drive to succeed. You also need to be capable of running your own matters on your own.

Ideally, our Client is looking for an admitted attorney with 2-3 years post articles experience and own clientele. Specialisation in conveyancing, IP, etc. advantageous.

Package & Remuneration

All costs (rent, staff, trust audits, monthly accounting, billing software etc etc) are covered and you will not be an employee at all so you will work your own hours, take whatever leave you want, etc. The Client does all the admin etc.  You will just be responsible for your own billing and ensuring payment is made (as in any firm).

In return, the Client requires a percentage of what the attorney bills and collect or a flat rate per month, whichever is the greater. The remaining percentage is yours – so you have the ability to write your own salary, work your own hours and have none of the administration associated with the running of a firm.

This percentage will be disclosed to suitable candidates.

There are, of course, targets that the Client would like the candidate to meet – you will be required to bill and collect a minimum amount (to be disclosed to suitable candidates), failing which you will be placed on “review” meaning their contract becomes terminable.


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