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  • Keeping buildings in orderly and clean condition. Perform heavy cleaning duties such as washing walls and glass, shampooing rugs, removing trash and cleaning floors. The duties may also include tending to the boiler and furnace, notifying management of the need for repairs, cleaning debris and snow from the sidewalk, and performing routine maintenance activities. Is an industrial cleaning job right for you?

    Industrial Cleaner Job Overview
    Performing general physical activities: Being able to perform certain physical activities that require the use of your legs and arms as well as moving your whole body like lifting, walking, handling materials, stooping, climbing, and balancing.

    Inspecting equipment, material, or structures: Inspecting these items to help to identify any cases of errors or defects or other problems.
    Handling and moving objects: Using your arms and hands in installing, moving, handling, and positioning materials as well as manipulating items.
    Organizing, Prioritizing, and planning work: Developing goals and plans to organize, prioritize and accomplish work.
    Getting information: Receiving, observing, and obtaining information from all relevant sources.
    Monitor materials, surroundings and processes: Monitoring and reviewing information from events, the environment, materials in order to detect or assess issues.
    Making decisions and solving problems: Being able to Analyze the information as well as evaluate the results to pick the best solution and solve issues.
    Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships: Developing cooperative and constructive working relationships with others while maintaining them over time.
    Communication with subordinates, supervisors, or peers: Providing information to peers, subordinates and supervisors by written form, in person, or telephone.
    Identifying events, actions and objects: Being able to identify information by estimating, categorizing, detecting changes, and recognizing similarities or differences in events of circumstances.
    Performing or working directly with the public: Performing or dealing directly with the public as this includes serving customers in stores and restaurants, and receiving guests or clients.
    Developing and building teams: Encouraging and building trust, cooperating and respect among team mates.
    Caring and assisting for others: Providing assistance, emotional support, medical attention, or other care to patients, customers, or peers.
    Updating and using relevant knowledge: Staying up to date technically and applying knowledge to your job.
    Controlling processes and machines: Using direct physical activity or control mechanisms to operate processes or machines not including vehicles or computers.
    Evaluating data to determine standard compliance: Using relevant data and judgement to determine whether processes or events comply with standards, laws or regulations.
    Scheduling activities and work: Scheduling programs, events, and activities as well as work for peers.
    What Skills Are Needed For Industrial Cleaners
    Time management: Managing your time and time of others
    Coordination: Adjusting your actions based on the actions of others.
    Social perceptiveness: Becoming aware of various reactions of others and understanding why they react like they do.
    Critical thinking: Using reasoning and logic to identify weaknesses and strengths of alternative conclusions, approaches or solutions to problems.
    Active listening: Giving your full attention to what people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking the right questions and not interrupting others.
    Service orientation: Actively looking for ways to help others.
    Monitoring: Assessing/monitoring performance of others, yourself, and organizations to make improvements or take action.
    Active learning: Understanding implications of new data for both future and current decision making and problem solving.
    Speaking: Talking to others to convey effective information.
    What Knowledge Is Needed To Become An Industrial Cleaner?
    English Language: Knowledge of the content and structure of the English language including spelling and meaning of words, grammar, and rules of composition.
    Administration and management: Knowledge of management and business principles involved in strategic planning, HR modeling, production methods, resource allocation, leadership techniques, and coordination of resources and people.
    Customer and personal service: Knowledge of processes and principles for providing personal and customer service, which include customer need assessments, meeting standards for services, and evaluating satisfaction.
    Public security and safety: Knowledge of relevant policies, strategies, equipment and procedures to promote effective national, local, or state security operations for the protection of people, information, institutions, and property.
    Industrial Cleaner Work Styles
    Self-control: Requires maintain composure, keeping emotions in check, avoiding aggressive behavior, controlling anger, even in very difficult situations.
    Dependability: Requires being responsible, dependable, reliable and fulfilling obligations.
    Independence: Requires developing your own way to doing things, guiding yourself with no to little supervision and depending on yourself to get things done.
    Achievement/effort: Requires maintaining and establishing personally challenging goals and exerting effort towards mastering those tasks.
    Stress tolerance: Requires dealing effectively and calmly with high stress situations and accepting criticism.
    Initiative: Requires taking on challenges and responsibilities.
    Concern for others: Requires being sensitive to needs and feelings of others and being helpful and understanding on the job.
    Persistence: requires persistence in the course of obstacles.
    Flexibility/adaptability: Requires being open to change and to considerable variety in the workplace

  • Number of vacancies: 46
  • Requirements

  • Minumun level of education: Grade 12 /N4 (Matric)
  • Availability for travel: No
  • Availability for change of residence: No

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