Department of Higher Education and Trainning: Principal TVET Colleges X7

Department of Higher Education and Training

Branch: Technical and Vocational Education and Training
SALARY : R1 057 326 per annum (Level 13) (All-inclusive Remuneration Package)
CENTRE : Posts are based in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
Buffalo City Tvet College Ref No: DHET01/08/2020
Port Elizabeth Tvet College Ref No DHET02/08/2020
SOuth West Gauteng Tvet College REF NO: DHET03/08/2020
Western Tvet College Ref No: DHET04/08/2020
Waterberg Tvet College Ref No: DHET05/08/2020
Boland Tvet College Ref No: DHET06/08/2020
Northlink Tvet College Ref No: DHET07/08/2020
REQUIREMENTS : Minimum appropriate requirements are: Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent
qualification (NQF Level 7) in Education, at least 5-10 years-experience in the
Post Schooling Education and Training (PSET) and a minimum of 5 years at
middle management level in the PSET sector. A post-graduate qualification in
education (NQF Levels 8-10) and / or a relevant industry expertise will serve
as an added advantage. Other requirements are extensive experience in the
PSET institutional or academic management plus any or all of the following:
institutional governance, financial management, corporate services
management, a track-record in the planning, implementation and management
of strategic, annual performance and operational plans. An ideal candidate
should have sound knowledge of the sector regulatory and legislative
framework, computer literacy, knowledge of the public sector and the following
capabilities: strategic and leadership, client orientation and customer focus,
financial management, people management and empowerment,
communication and stakeholder management. Candidates should have a valid
drivers’ licence and be willing to work irregular hours. Candidates are advised
to detail their specific capabilities, projects and achievements.
DUTIES : To put systems in place and implement towards effective, efficient and
integrated registration of students including dedicated support for students with
disabilities. To strategically lead and manage teaching and learning,
assessments and examinations towards the achievement of improved
students’ performance including initiatives to develop students
entrepreneurships programmes. To fulfil the role of an Accounting Officer by
establishing and monitoring college financial and supply chain management
systems, implementation of infrastructure maintenance and college
connectivity projects towards an improved service delivery. To establish and
monitor effective human capital management and stakeholder engagement
systems incorporating both marketing, communication, ICT, delegated HR
functions and other responsibilities. To drive for the efficient and effective
implementation of college governance frameworks, systems and ensure the
proper functioning of governance structures. To build and foster an effective
management team that plans and executes the college mandate in an
integrated, compliant and performance-focused manner. To create a platform
for effective management decision-making through the establishment of an
accurate and accessible information management platform. To lead the
development and delivery of responsive curricula and programmes and
monitor the associated quality assurance programme and impact on student
performance and placement. To operationalize business partnerships and
linkages that translate into student placements, workplace-based learning and
articulation. To establish and manage a student management framework and
system that facilitates student support and governance and provides all
enrolled students with holistic academic and social support. To establish and
lead college infrastructure and estate management system that assures the
acquisition, maintenance, management and disposal of physical resources that
facilitates the achievement of strategic and operational objectives. Facilitate
programme articulation and upward progression.
ENQUIRIES : Mr P Mtshali Tel No: (012) 312 5089 / Mr R Kgare Tel No: (012) 312 5442 / Mr
D Moyane 012 312 5165
APPLICATIONS : Buffalo city Forward your application to this email address:
[email protected]
Port Elizabeth: Forward your application to this email address:
[email protected]
South West Gauteng Tvet College: Forward your application to this email
address: [email protected]
Western Tvet College: Please forward your application to this email address:
[email protected]
Waterberg Tvet College: Please forward your application to this email address:
[email protected]
Boland Tvet College: Forward your application to this email address:
DHET[email protected]
Northlink Tvet College: Forward your application to this email address:
[email protected]
NOTE : Considering restrictions on travel during phases 5 to 2 of lockdown levels, you
are encouraged to email your application with the relevant supporting
documentation. You must quote the reference number in the subject line. The
successful candidate will not be appointed before completion of the Pre-entry
Certificate for SMS positions as prescribed by the DPSA

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