Business Integration Specialist

Rand Mutual Assurance


The Business Integration Specialist will be responsible for managing and driving strategic relationships through the implementation of solutions. The incumbent will be responsible for expanding RML’s competitive position by strengthening and accessing new operational and distribution channels. Furthermore, they will be required to oversee the planning, implementation and tracking of specific medium-long term projects with specific deliverables as identified by the RML Exco.

Qualifications and Experience required

NQF Level 7 Bachelor’s Degree (BSc/BA) in law, finance, Business Administration

Qualification in project management or equivalent

7 – 10 years senior management experience: Compromising of 5 years of senior specialist level operational experience

Proven track record of being part of a sustainable growing business

Sound experience planning and managing complex medium to long-term projects (6 – 24 months)

Key Areas of responsibility

Stakeholder Relationship Management:

Engage with internal and external stakeholders to investigate and identify operational needs and areas of improvement in line with the company strategy

Effectively collaborate with respective business units to implement customer centric business processes and technology solutions

Document and implement operational needs to solve business challenges and help drive customer success

Identify, assess and provide solutions to business requirements:

Liaise with appropriate stakeholders to identify, assess, and document business requirements

Carry out relevant assessments to determine if solutions to business requirements currently exist within or outside the business unit, and if not, whether new solutions are feasible for implementation

Analyse the impact of proposed solutions across the business, develop business cases to explain/demonstrate business requirements/specifications

Facilitate the implementation of new functionality through the development of appropriate documentation

Work with the ICT Testing team to develop system integration test scripts and ensure the testing results correspond to the business expectations

Plan and Implement the project:

Define the scope of the project in collaboration with senior management

Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project

Determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc.) required to complete the project


Develop a detailed schedule for project completion that effectively allocates the resources to the activities and takes into account the long-term impact of decisions and possible risks

Determine the objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion

Execute the project according to the project plan and manage project deliverables making decisions and solving problems within the scope of the project

Escalate non-project related decisions and problems to the project sponsor/business owner

Ensure that the project deliverables are met on time, within budget and at the required level of quality

Ensure that proper risk processes are in place and that project risk is continuously monitored

Control the project:

Write reports on the project for project owners and Exco

Monitor and approve all budgeted project expenditures

Monitor cash flow projections and report actual cash flow and variance to senior management on a regular basis (monthly/bimonthly)

Manage all project funds according to established accounting policies and procedures

Ensure that all financial records for the project are up to date

Knowledge, Skills and Competencies required

Knowledge of business policies, processes and procedures, legal compliance

Knowledge of Information Technology Systems

Knowledge of compliance requirements and controls

Knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of project management

Knowledge of project management techniques and tools

Investigative orientation

Process Engineering and Systems Competence

Service Orientation / Customer Responsiveness

Presentation skills

Stress handling

Decisiveness and Action Orientation

Attention to detail

Verbal and written communication

Analytical thinking

Planning, Organising and Follow through

Program and Project Management

Resource management

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