Audio Engineer- Soccer Laduma


Soccer Laduma has an exciting opportunity for an Audio Engineer. The Audio Engineer  for Soccer Laduma Radio is responsible for making podcasts sound their best by leading the in-studio process with creativity and sensitivity. In addition to ensuring that the highest quality audio is captured, the Audio Engineer leads the creation and execution of industry-leading sound designs, collaborates with hosts on the editing process, and ensures that our listeners always enjoy audio of the highest quality.


  • Lead the creative sound design and production process;
  • Collaborate creatively and closely with hosts and guests to develop new shows, specials and pilots, providing both creative and technical consultation;
  • Exercise creative and professional oversight in directing talent to perform advertisements with wide ranging sponsor expectations;
  • Lead the team in the design and improvement of production and operational workflow, managing digital archives and servers to the highest industry standard;
  • Publish flawless final products;
  • Assist the team with a strong technical and practical command of audio hardware and software;
  • Design and maintain highly organized, professional-standard archival file systems and data workflows, including system backups;
  • Independently manage and operate production facilities for all podcast activities including pre- and post-production engineering, voice- over and multi-track engineering;
  • Organize and maintain a clean and professional studio environment;
  • Report on digital audio performance;
  • Upload finished products and provide relevant podcast codes for promotion across digital platforms;
  • Edit audio snippets to be used for social media promotion;
  • Creating intros, outros, transitions, background music and other required audio insert.

Education & Experience

  • Tertiary certificate or qualification in the audio field;
  • At least 2 to 3 years’ experience working with podcasts, broadcasts and/or other audio and multimedia content * Cuebase Skills;
  • Significant creative experience designing stereo soundscapes, ambiences, vocal and musical effects, and mixing to artistic effect;
  • Experience with creative editorial; making choices in cutting and arranging content to professional standards.

Skills & Abilities 

  • Significant to expert proficiency with PC or MAC;
  • Passion for recording, editing and scoring audio storytelling;
  • Thorough understanding of on-demand audio space, engineering, recording, editing and arranging, signal flow, post production, mixing and mastering for dialog, sound design and music;
  • A musical ear and understanding that sound is a character just as much as any person;
  • Fast, efficient, highly organized and disciplined, with the ability to consistently perform in a high volume, fast turnaround company.


Given the employment equity policy of Media24, preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups.

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