Hair Formulation Chemist


Fuel upstream pipeline with formulas / technological platforms / concepts meeting the innovation objectives of the domain, in close collaboration with worldwide domain team.

1. Design and maximise robust formulation platforms that can be cascaded into winning formulas matching the defined performance objectives:

  • Work closely with Market insights and Evaluation teams to define KPAs (and test them along the project);
  • Translate those into technical leads for formulation.

2. Lead “pre-development” projects while guaranteeing that deadlines, environmental engagements and cost requirements are met:

? Develop new formula, optimize/reformulate existing products and support subsequent scale-up in a multi-disciplinary team setting.

? Source and obtain all appropriate raw material samples with the Raw material team.

? Work as a hands-on hair formulator, with general direction and with minimum supervision: formulate and prepare laboratory batches and assist with scale-up of assigned product formulations.

? Maintain a legible and accurate record of all pertinent data and testing in a laboratory notebook, including a detailed manufacturing procedure. Note any critical observations during laboratory experiments

? Develop product specifications by evaluating physical/chemical properties of raw materials and formulations (viscosity, specific gravity, microscopic examination, pH, etc.)

? Conduct physical stability testing (at controlled temperatures) necessary to evaluate robustness of candidate formulas, as well as any other test / investigation needed.

? Resolve formulation issues and any technical problems including scale up

? Create, review and approve technical documents to support developmental projects (i.e. ingredient statements, manufacturing formula batch cards, formula costs, etc.)

3. Transfer platforms / formulas to Development while sharing expertise and retaining a leader role in project follow-up;

4. Be the guarantor of quality, safety and sustainable development commitments;

5. Participate in the development of expertise and know-how (market knowledge, new conception methods etc.)

6. Stay abreast of industry trends, equipment, facilities, materials and procedures used for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.



Hold a Masters Degree or more, specialized in physical chemistry/formulation with at least a 3-years’ experience in Formulation:

  • Pastes, emulsions (o/w and w/o), micro emulsion, foams, gel, functionalization of interfaces, physico-chemical behavior of dispersions, reagents inorganic materials (minerals)
  • Organized and deadline driven
  • Knowledge on hair&scalp biology.
  • Thorough, curious, open-minded, creative, with strong analytical and synthetic skills
  • Focused on consumer centric innovation, to design new consumer experiences.
  • Know how to communicate and share your knowledge in a multidisciplinary world
  • Know how to expose your convictions & listen
  • Team player
  • Able to work in international team context Strong entrepreneurial spirit




  • Transforms scientific/technical knowledge into discovery or inventions
  • Creates actives, technologies and products to maximize the perceived performance.
  • Interprets results in the most relevant way and communicates them with integrity
  • Continuously develops expertise and researches new technologies or methods.
  • Shares and passes on scientific/technical expertise
  • Leverage digital to accelerate innovation, to open new areas of performance and develop connected cosmetic


  • Proposes creative ideas or scientific concepts based on consumer insights
  • Translates consumer/market insights into outstanding product performance goals

Develops knowledge of consumers in all their diversity.


  • Generates big concepts or technologies
  • Takes risks to create radical or disruptive innovation and manages them in an effective way
  • Maximizes major innovation projects, prioritize and simplify
  • Ensures compliance with quality, safety and sustainability.COOPERATIVE LEADERSHIP FOR INNOVATION
  • Shares the vision and translates it into effective goals
  • Acts with a local and global perspective to achieve the multipolar innovation goals
  • Promotes collaboration among functions to ensure collective performance
  • Fosters dialogue with the business and brands to transform innovation into big market opportunities



  • Innovator
  • Strategist
  • People Developer
  • Integrator
  • Entrepreneur

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