Fitting and Turning Learnerships

Do you enjoy working with tools, underground, on the surface, with steel and more? With this career path, you will be spending a lot of time fixing machines, fitting parts and making projects run smoothly. Maintenance and repair are what it is all about. Then consider Fitting and Turning Learnerships 2019-2020.

Fitting and Turning does not only offer trades within the mining sector, but many other industries have a use for this career path such as Government, health and also safety industries! You can also work up towards manager or engineer from here, which is if you would like to.

Companies Offering Fitting and Turning Learnerships

On we have listed the following companies that might offer Learnerships for Fitting and Turning 2019-2020. Check out the companies listed beneath to see if one of these companies fits your needs. You will also find exact guidelines how to apply for these Learnerships.

AEL Mining Services
De Beers
Denel Dynamics
Petra Diamonds
Sasol SA
Rand Water

Fitting and Turning Learnerships Available

There are a numerous amount of career paths to follow with learnerships in the Fitting and Tuning industry. Here are some of these career paths:

Fitter & Turner
Pipe Fitter
Amature Winder
Marine Fitter
Hydraulic Fitter
Maintenance Fitter


English, read, write and speak
Computer literate
Candidates must be medically fit

Preference will be given to candidates with some mining experience or from previously disadvantaged heritage. For applications to Government, candidates are urged to apply at their local offices.

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Fitting and Turning Learnerships .

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