Direct Materials & Scheduling Planner

The Direct Material / Scheduling Planner role is to create and maintain forecasts for non-seed direct material inputs needed for production orders. The role will develop plans and execute our direct material sourcing and replenishment strategy to minimize ordering and carrying costs and prevent production downtime. The Planner will also have crop scheduling responsibilities which includes analyzing available supply, demand, and capacity to create and maintain process orders to provide visibility of conditioning, treating and packaging needs of commercial corn at AME production locations and third party contract conditioners to meet AME and Multi Channel Seed distribution plans while minimizing production regret. In addition, this role will help lead and participate on cross functional teams to improve Supply Chain effectiveness and create and maintain KPIs to measure the quality of supply chain processes.


Manage non-seed inputs to production orders:

  • Create and maintain forecasts for seed treatments, tag stock, bags and pallets

  • Develop and maintain model to manage replenishment of direct materials to production locations

  • Ensure new material numbers are created for new direct materials and BOMs are updated

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand direct materials specs and needs

  • Identify and implement best practices for direct material inventory management

  • Create and manage KPIs measuring direct material management processes

Provide production and packaging signals to production locations:

  • Evaluate available supply, demand and CTM or PSO outputs to create process orders that provide visibility of needs for conditioning, packaging and treating to production locations in accordance with time horizons.

  • Forward Plan to ensure process order inputs are available timely and demand is fulfilled based on priorities to meet current segment targets or quarterly objectives.

  • Consider options to optimize asset utilization and make decisions regarding what supply to utilize to fulfill demand.

  • Monitor KPI’s to measure performance toward objectives.

Production location Support

  • Assist internal and external production locations with managing production schedules rough cut capacity plans, priorities and sample size grids.

  • Provide direction, support and training to internal production locations and 3rd party contract conditioners on production and system needs.

  • Be on call periodically to support production locations with process order issues after hours

  • Develop and maintain clear packaging specifications and IOMS documents

Work closely with other business partners such as Sourcing, Compliance, Marketing and IT


Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain, Operations or Agricultural related fields or equivalent amount of education and experience


3-5 years of production or supply chain experience. Working knowledge or ability to learn Excel, Access and SAP systems. Strong communication skills and ability to multitask. Demonstrated ability to interact and work closely with peers in a team environment. Experience leading projects or continuous improvement.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • tStrong analytical skills
  • tAble to interpret data to make complex decisions
  • tAbility to develop and use modeling tools independently
  • tKnowledge of seed production processes
  • tStrong verbal and written communication skills with ability to explain in detail
  • tIndustry knowledge of production planning and supply chain practices
  • tLeadership qualities
  • tAbility to prioritize multiple diverse activities at any given time
  • tInnovative thinker and ability to influence stakeholders on supply chain
  • tAPICS coursework or certification preferred

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