Digital Signage: Technical Internship Programme

We are looking for an individual with a flare for Technology wanting to gain experience in a top Digital Signage Company.

Job description

1. Installation Planning:

  • Daily in advance or on the day meeting with the relevant installer you will be working with to discuss the job at hand and what needs to be done.
  • Understanding what is required of you and assisting the installer with any task he needs performed by you.

2. Key Performance Indicators:

  • Understand what you are doing, understand the system/s you are installing. You will be tested periodically on your knowledge of the systems you are assisting with and the technicalities (setup and configuration) thereof.
  • Making sure sites are ALWAYS clean and tidy on job completion.
  • Making sure the installer has all the stock he needs for the upcoming installation, conforming to MT stock procedures when removing stock from the office.
  • Completing and sending closing emails when done with an installation, guided by the installer.
  • Report back on how we can improve our installations / installation processes.

3. General:

  • Always be professional in everything you do.
  • Communicate clearly with clients and co-workers.
  • Make sure you are always neat and tidy (presentable / professional) when representing Moving Tactics.
  • Always follow company processes and procedures.
  • Safety is always a priority. Make sure you always have and use the required PPE and work safe.
  • Due to the nature of the clients we service some after hours and weekend installations / work will occur.

4. Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum of a matric qualification is required, preferably with a technical subject (TD, Woodwork, CS etc)
  • Experience in installing digital / electronic equipment (AV, PC’s , POS etc)

Personal Skills/Attributes

Good communicator, honest, reliable, proactive and problem solver. Attention to detail and willing to go the extra mile. A go getter and positive attitude will go a long way in succeeding in this role.

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