BIC: Machine Operator with Grade 12

Job Description
To ensure the correct and safe operation of all machines and equipment as per prescribed SPM.

  • Must be able to communicate in English
  • Must be able to read and write
  • Must be able to count
  • Must be able to use weighing scales
  • Stays in Johannesburg or surrounding areas
  • The employees and management of BIC South Africa have agreed upon the targets for each job. These targets must be achieved and maintained at all times.
  • Maintain 85% productivity/efficiency for the section
  • A minimum of 2(two) years’ experience in mass production environment
  • Highest standard in housekeeping must be maintained at all times
  • All operational machinery must be kept in a safe, clean and tidy condition
  • The highest standards of quality must be maintained on all produced goods
  • All duties will be performed in accordance with the prescribed S.P.M (STD Production Method)
  • Late coming in workplace will not be accepted. If absent, for any reasons production supervisor must be informed or production foreman on time.
  • Ensure that PPE issued by company is worn at all times while on duty and well maintained
  • It may be necessary to perform other duties in other areas when need arises
  • Do cycle and stock counts on components.
  • Be able to work 3 shifts system rotating. Morning, Afternoon and Night shift
  • At each workstation in pen assembly a production schedule/action log must be properly filled out, if required the supervisor will show how this is done
  • Have a good working relationship with all employees and management
  • Must learn Kanban
  • If and when problems occur, they must be reported immediately to supervisor, Foreman
  • All traceability labels in production must be checked to see that they are correct for the job and affixed properly to product
  • Safety and housekeeping prevent and minimize hazards. Ensure that the area around machines and equipment is kept clean and tidy at all times if this requirement is not met, a report must be made to the supervisor/Foreman and or the safety representative for the area.


Grade 12

Additional Information
The candidate must be able to communicate well. The candidate must be willing to work shifts and overtime as and when required and must adhere to all HSE policies and procedures.

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