Allan Gray: Maintenance Cleaner |

Purpose of Role To perform general maintenance and minor repairs of the building, grounds, equipment and furniture. Ensure Health and Safety rules are adhered to, and that the premises is free from any hazards. Build good relationships with members of the Office and Facilities team to ensure the team functions optimally. Objectives of Role Outside Grounds

  • Ensure that the parking area is kept neat and tidy on a daily basis.
  • Keep the gardens clean and presentable daily.
  • Ensure that the grounds outside the main gate is kept clean.
  • Assist the guard with access control of all guests and Talent arriving at the Foundation

Building perimeters

  • Ensure all verandas and balcony areas are kept neat.
  • Clean the guard room daily.
  • Keep the fire escape and apartment staircase tidy at all times.
  • Ensure that the gutters around the building is not overflowing or broken

Building maintenance

  • Inspect the building for repairs and maintenance on a daily basis.
  • Cleans the men’s toilets daily


  • Ensure that conference venues are prepared in advance as required

Occupational health and safety

  • Ensure that the health and safety standards are maintained daily


  • Cleans the reception, foyers and corridors daily.
  • Cleans office spaces, meeting and workshop rooms daily.
  • Clear and clean canteen and kitchen areas daily.
  • Deep clean the main kitchen monthly.
  • Clean and polish lifts weekly.
  • Ensure apartments are clean and prepared for visitors as required Experience and Qualifications • Identification with the Foundation’s Vision, Mission and Ethos
  • Grade 12 / N3 equivalent
  • 1- 3 years experience in a corporate working environment Competencies • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Professional Attitude
  • Team player
  • Initiative
  • Learn
  • Negotiation
  • Physical demands

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