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Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa and our highly visible brand, award-winning service, and strong global presence helps us maintain our market-leading position. We place huge value on the talent of our people to drive our continued success, and to support our plans for growth. We now need a talented and resourceful individual to help us fulfil our business objectives and build customer loyalty

Job Purpose

  • To support the Business Manager with the day to day running and maintenance of the portfolio.
  • To provide a central office-bound contact point for customers.
  • To deal with all credit related issues in Lifestyle and Entrepreneur segments.
  • To ensure effective communication with Business Managers on all matters relating to the portfolio.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Customer Experience

  • Provides a consistent customer experience in line with the Small Enterprise Customer Value Proposition
  • Provides a second face office-bound (information/ query handling) service point for Entrepreneur customers.
  • Performs a liaison role between the Business Managers, customers, branches and back office service fulfilment and credit functions.
  • Interacts with customers to establish financial information requirements.
  • Educates customers regarding the parameters and routine procedures governing entrepreneur product and service offerings.
  • Interviews Business customers, when required.
  • Assists with completion of documents and opening of all accounts for the Entrepreneur segment.
  • Ensures that welcome letters are sent to new customers.
  • Attends to transferring and closing of accounts, when necessary.
  • Effectively migrates customers to Direct Channels.
  • Ensures that all new service requests (queries and complaints) are logged correctly, as either a “first contact resolution” or “non-first contact resolution” as appropriate.
  • Ensures that service requests in personal work list are actioned within agreed timelines.
  • Ensures accurate capture, updates or amendments of customer information and history notes.

  • Complete all compliance training within laid down timelines
Lending support and risk management

  • Accurately and efficiently collates and check securities documentation and mandates for banking facilities.
  • Analyses business and financial information e.g. balance sheets, financial statements and management accounts, to prepare and motivate non-scored credit applications in line with credit requirements.
  • Processes scored/un-scored credit applications.
  • Monitors daily excesses to ensure that customer facilities are managed within the parameters set by Credit.
  • Ensures timeous completion of all credit reviews.
  • Ensures the preparation and completion of security documents for accounts on the relevant portfolio
  • Actions the daily credit violations.
  • Assists with credit checks on new and existing accounts and credit applications, when necessary.
  • Arranges and prepares the manager’s appointments for the week ahead.
  • Supports the manager in researching and prospecting for new and migratory business.
Drive Transaction Led Acquisition

  • Maintains customer portfolio data to identify opportunities for additional facilities.
  • Cross-sells additional value adding products and services to existing customers to assist them in growing their businesses.
  • Identifies and generate sales leads to stakeholders e.g. Personal Market, Vehicle and Asset Finance; Electronic Banking; Standard Bank Financial Consultants; Standard Bank Insurance Brokers, etc.
  • Completes sales and lead generation tracking forms on a daily basis.
  • Ensures that targets and budgets are met.
  • Participates in tactical sales/marketing activities as required.
  • Ensures that all leads are logged correctly in the presence of the customer and ensures cross selling opportunities are identified.
  • Identifies and actions opportunities for cross- and up-sell.
  • Identifies migration opportunities and sells products/services reactively.

  • Scrutinises/Actions all relevant reports according to laid-down instructions, especially the following:

o Report 8918 (Referral report) where applicable.
o Report 8665/2084
o Actioning of report 2031 (Overdraft list of current/staff accounts)
o Actioning of report 2099 (Limit reviews)
o Actioning of excess and dormancy list received from credit
o Actions Know Your Customer (KYC) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reports


  • Actions credit referrals
  • Actions credit violations
  • Captures applications for Property Guarantees
  • Captures applications for Lease Guarantees

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Business Related Degree – listed on the FSCA’s qualification list
  • Driver’s Licence
  • RE5 examination completed.
  • Roles has been classified as a FAIS Representative role
  • 3-4 years branch experience
  • An understanding of how businesses operate, as well as understanding the business risks, industry risks and financial requirements pertaining to the small, medium business market.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Has the need to focus on one task and complete it thoroughly.
  • Goal directed and persistent.
  • Enjoys researching, sourcing and gathering information and ideas.
  • Enjoys working with clients, analysing their needs, negotiating and selling/servicing.
  • Ability to source, analyse and act on one’s knowledge of the customer.
  • Ability to create and maintain quality customer interactions.
  • Ability to elicit and appropriately act upon customer feedback.
  • Ability to analyse a single source of customer information to assess potential customer needs.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with customers via various channels and display knowledge of the entire bank value chain and how hand-offs work between business areas.
  • Ability to generate deep customer insights through communication skills.
  • Ability to operate within a service-focused environment.
  • Ability to link offering and financial solutions knowledge to meet customer needs.
  • Ability to identify and action opportunities for cross- and up-sell.
  • Ability to display a customer service orientation (pro-active display of service, gives customer “more than what they want”).
  • Ability to engage with customers in a mutually beneficial manner.

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