A b l e S e a f a r e r E n g i n e x 2

and/or Chief Marine Engineer Officer.

Position outputs:

1.To safely and efficiently handle ropes, wires, capstans and other deck or engine ear/equipment during shift in operations

2.To carry out and participate in the maintenance duties on deck and/or engine room spaces of the craft s including (but not

limited to) general maintenance and spot chipping in of corroded s aces and fendering equipment.

3. To carry out and participate in maintenance of craft equipment, including (but not limited) general wash down of internal

and external spaces, decks, super structure, hull and/or engine room and workshop spaces.

4. To perform hygienic cleaning of all domestic areas including cabins,accommodation, heads and galley thereby ensuring

safe and hygienic leaving conditions are maintained at all times.

5. To carry out and participate in splicing of ropes and/or wires and making up of heaving lines as and when required.

6. To carry out and participate in routine testing of deck and/or engine room equipment, under the supervision of either

Master and/or CMEO.

7. To carry out and participate in emergency drills and procedures in line with safety requirements and best practices

8. To carry out and participate in berthing duties (where safe to do so),moor/unmoor the craft alongside quays and rig

gangways for safe access to the vessel.

9. To comply with all safe working instructions and procedures, report any non- conformances to the vessel officers CMEO

and/or Master .

10. To carry out reasonable instructions as directed by vessel officers on-board (CMEO and/or Master) as determined from

time-to-time for the safe and efficient running of the vessel.

11.To store and secure all equipment in designated areas for safeyt of the vessel.

12.To dispose of waste in designated areas/ bins.

13. To maintain (at all times) the relevant personal qualifications and certificates

of competencies in a valid mode and ensure records are kept safely and readily available for in section when required.

14. To observe at all times the safety standards are followed thereby ensuring promotion of safety and wellbeing culture

on-board the vessel.

15. To understand and obey all emergency signals and act accordingly.

16. To perform fire and emergency patrols and report accordingly.

Qualifications & Experience:

Grade 10 Certificate
Certificate of Proficiency as Able Seafarer (Deck/Engine)

12 months experience in marine operations


Competencies Required:

  • Integrity
  • Tolerance of ambiguity
  • Change oriented
  • Attention to detail
  • Change orientation
  • Appreciation for diversity
  • Service orientation
  • Team Player
  • Passion for Marine
Knowledge required:

  • Knowledge of the deck and/or engine room working practices as contained in the training manuals for Able Seafarer (Deck

or Engine)

  • Knowledge of the duties of an Able Seafarer
  • Safety consciousness, safe working practices awareness

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